Cannabis Extract 50mg CBD Infused Cigarettes!




From the manufacturer:

+2 is committed to producing the best all natural tobacco and nicotine free products in the world. We started in 2008 as purely a research project to see if we could create a product that gave smokers an alternative to high priced and chemically laden tobacco and nicotine based products that are currently on the market today. After developing literally thousands of combinations of herbs and extracts we have finally discovered THE combination that provides a very pleasurable and satisfying smoking experience devoid of all the negative characteristics of nicotine. +2 is a small family owned company that strives for perfection and quality in not only our product but customer service as well. The science behind +2 is truly fascinating and for us to bring a product to market that does not have nicotine is something that we are very proud of. +2 is an all natural alternative to traditional tobacco we think you will find to be a very smooth and relaxing product, one we hope you will enjoy.

50mg of CBD Isolate!

Your Choice

  • Pack of TEN individual cigarettes in a resealable foil pack to maintain freshness.
  • 10g resealable bag of “Roll Your Own” loose herb



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50mg CBD Isolate – 10 pack Herbal Cigarettes, 50mg CBD Isolates – 10g Loose "Roll Your Own" CBD Herb


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