Atmosi4 Vaporizer for Dry Herbs & Waxy Oils


The i4 features a state of the art mechanical device…

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Atmosi4 Vaporizer – Black

The i4 features a state of the art mechanical boot device. Atmos i4 sterilizes itself with the built-in ion atomization and disinfection system making way for an environmental, fashionable and healthy way of vaping.

Atmos i4 Vaporizer Kit: 5 Clear Cartridges, Wired USB Cord Wall Adapter User Manual. Atmos i4 is the latest product in the Atmos Nation line of vaporizers. The i4 is a multi function vaporizer, which can be used for vaping, sterilizing, and charging. Equip with an inner base that ejects the cartridge from the i4, makes for easy access and clean storage. Works with liquid, waxy oils & dry herbs. Bullet Cartridge included.

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