Bearly Legal HHC Gummies!





If you have not yet heard of or tried HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) then you will be in for a PLEASANT SURPRISE!

With the revolution of Delta 8, Delta 10, Delta 9 THC comes HHC. A New POTENT Cannabinoid.

Bearly Legal HHC Gummies are 20mg each! Plenty of Potency, Plenty of Relief! Plenty of FUN!


What is HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol)?

HHC is a cannabinoid that is naturally found in the seeds and pollen of hemp. HHC is not a THC, so while it may have similar effects – it is non-synthetic. Which makes it a perfectly federally legal hemp extraction.

What are the Effects of Hexahydrocannabinol?

HHC effects are very very similar to THC, but HHC does have differences. Some people claim it gives them the same euphoric feeling, pain-fighting, and anti nausea/vomiting effects that THC does. Some just enjoy the Buzz 🙂

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Custom Option

Blue Razz (25ct), Cotton Candy (25ct), Pineapple (25ct), Mango (25ct), Cotton Candy (10ct), Blue Razz (10ct)


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