LIQUIDATION PRICING!!! Herbal Ecstacy Cigarettes – Whites – Nicotine & Tobacco FREE!


A potent, smooth herbal smoke!




 Brand new and reformulated for an even more potent, smooth smoke!

Ecstacy® White cigarettes are 100% herbal cigarettes.

The unique blend of herbs found in Ecstacy® White cigarettes, provide the smoker with a lighter, more traditional tobacco-like aroma and taste. We left out the tobacco, nicotine, and harmful chemicals in order to produce a natural cigarette.

The Ecstacy® White herbal cigarettes offer a gentle, smooth, potent smoke without the nicotine or tobacco.

The Ecstacy® White tobacco free cigarettes are an excellent choice for those seeking a pure herbal smoke experience. The Ecstacy® White cigarettes are natural relaxing cigarettes with tobacco-like flavor and aroma.


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1 Pack (20 cigs), 2 Packs (40 cigs), 3 packs (60 cigs), 4 packs (80 cigs), 5 packs (100 cigs), 10 packs (1 carton-200 cigs)


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