Dank Lite Delta 10 THC Vape Cart – Strawberry Cough (Sativa)


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Delta 10 Cartridge Description

Delta-10 THC, or Delta 10, is a federally legal cannabinoid derived from hemp CBD. Unlike the more indica-like effects of Delta 8, Delta 10 tends to provide its users a more uplifting, energizing and even motivational experience similar to the standard changes brought on by the use of sativa strains. However, both compounds tend to come with shorter duration times and less-potent psychoactive responses than what you might get from their more notorious cousin, Delta 9. This allows Delta 10 to benefit its users in quick, recharging bursts without getting too intense to handle.

Dank-Lite 1ml Delta 10 Cartridges provide a crisp, clean hit of our clear Delta 10 Distillate with every puff. Simply attach our cartridges to your favorite 510 thread vape battery, make sure your voltage isn’t too high, and you’re all set. Each puff delivers roughly 10-20mg of Delta 10, so plan accordingly- and always enjoy responsibly!

Strain: Strawberry Cough

Lean: Sativa

Flavor: Notes of strawberries and sugar on the inhale, skunk and berries on the exhale

Delta 10 Cartridge Ingredients

Crystal Resistant Delta 10 Distillate derived from industrial hemp, terpenes (for added flavor)

Delta 10 Cartridge Technical Specifications

Volume: 1ml (will fit most standard 510 thread vape batteries)

Mg: 920mg

Connection: 510 male (will fit all 510 female connections)

Delta 10 Cartridge FAQs

“How many hits does one Dank-Lite Delta 10 Cartridge contain?”

Answer: roughly 250-500. This may vary depending on several factors, such as: the voltage of the user’s battery, exposure to elements and abuse, frequency of use, duration of inhale/size of hit, etc.

“Is Delta 10 safe to use?”

Answer: yes, with exceptions. This product is psychoactive and may cause impairment, so please don’t use Dank-Lite Delta 10 prior to operating any vehicles or heavy machinery. If you struggle with health issues pertaining to ocular pressure and blood pressure, we would not recommend the use of our products without the recommendation of a certified medical professional.

“How long will it take for me to feel something?”

Answer: in most cases, Dank-Lite Delta 10 Cartridge users report the onset of effects within thirty seconds to three minutes of the initial use; however, you may experience a longer or a shorter wait.