Green Rush PLATINUM X Kratom Extract Capsules!

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GREEN RUSH© Kratom is the newest kratom brand on the market.
It is a high quality, micro kratom powder EXTRACT in a convenient capsule.

These are very similar to the OPMS GOLD capsules. So, if you like OPMS, you will LOVE these!

Better Price, Better Quality/Potency...Can't beat that!

Your choice of 1ct, 3ct & 5ct Packs!!

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2ct, 1 ct, 3ct, 5ct

2 reviews for Green Rush PLATINUM X Kratom Extract Capsules!

  1. joe.murphy25 (verified owner)

    It’s definitely worth trying. Great company fast shipping!!!

  2. axmo05 (verified owner)

    Great product. Too expensive for the experienced Kratom users. I needed to take two to get the full effect. But for someone starting out, this capsule will do great things. Eating a tiny snack before taking Kratom will make the effects stronger. Keep that in mind. Good energy boost in this one

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