KUSH CAKES – Half Baked Funny Brownies!

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1/2 Baked Funny Brownies & BUZZ Brownies!


They are AWESOME!

We do not carry items that we do not like, we actually try our products and really try to carry the best stuff out there and these are the BEST! These really are the BEST tasting and most effective relaxation brownies on the market. Just about every relaxation brownie company has sent us samples ‘coz they want us to carry their product. And believe me, we have eaten just about ALL of the relaxation brownies currently in the market. Most of the brownies out there mold quickly and taste like cardboard.  Not the KUSH CAKES – Half Baked Brownies!!

These are 2 ounces, they are BIG. And, they are TASTY & EFFECTIVE!

Good for:





Minor Pain

1/2 of a brownie is one serving and trust us, that is all you need. See for yourself! These are definitely NOT your grandmother’s brownies!! A great alternative…No need to inhale!!

**Please do not operate drive or operate heavy machinery while using this product

2 servings per package – 2 ounces per brownie

 This product can ship worldwide!!

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1 1/2 Baked Brownie, 2 1/2 Baked Brownies, 4 1/2 Baked Brownies


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