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PureLyf has been a leader in the CBD vape industry from the beginning. They have a great reputation for quality products. So, when they came out with Delta 8 THC products, LHS jumped on the opportunity to carry this HIGH Quality Vape.

With 3 Strains to choose from, they have something for everyone.

  • You want to relax? Try the Strawnana. A Potent Indica that will relax your muscles and mind. As the name implies, a wonderful blend of strawberry & banana flavor!
  • Need to be functional and still reap the benefits of Delta8? Try the Blueberry Lemon Diesel. Uplift your mind and motivate yourself. A Unique infusion of blueberries & lemon!
  • Maybe you want a little of both…Try the Pineapple Mango Express! A Potent Hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. Feel the tropics with a pineapple & mango flavor!

You can not go wrong with ANY of these choices. So, go ahead, treat yourself to Pure Bliss with PureLyf Delta 8 THC vape.


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Weight 1 oz
Custom Option

BlueBerry Lemon Diesel Disposable, PineApple Mango Express Disposable, Strawnana Disposable


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