TEMPTATION – Tobacco & Nicotine FREE Herbal Blunts


Tobacco & Nicotine FREE Blunts!



Black Swan’s NEW Herbal Cigarettes rolled in all natural, organic Tendu leaves! 

 BIGARETTES – Filtered Blunts

10 per pack!!

Rolled in Purely Herbal
unprocessed Top Quality Tendu leaf (Indian Ebony) as wrapper or body of Bigarette, which is branded
Black Swan® “Bigarettes”.
Black Swan® have introduced first-time herbal smoke in a revolutionary slow burning herbal smoking
wrappers, which is not homogenized or tobacco leaf, it is purely natural unprocessed herbal leaf,
technically hand rolled and air tightens without any adhesive. It is not a rolling paper, not a cigarette
tube! Bigarettes are offered in a totally a new concept in smoking – “Herbal Leaf wraps”.

Why Bigarettes in Herbal Wraps?  Tendu is one of the most important herbal/Natural non timber forest
products cultivated in deep forests of Central India and popular in smoking due to various characteristics;
unique even and slow burning (burns much slower than a cigarette paper) flavorless, and it is best
described as a non tobacco herbal wrapper.
Unique herbal smoking option in Tendu Herbal wraps is offered due to its various characteristics; it
corresponds very well with the taste of filled smoking mixture, quality of tendu leaf is to create a good
balance between the various characteristics of the smoking mixture without leaving any taste of tendu
leaves on blending, another great quality of tendu leaves is even burn quality and a good aroma, due to
its herbal quality is not harmful like paper, another reason paper also leaves its effect on the blending of
smoking, for this reason we have especially offered Bigarettes in Natural “Herbal Tendu Leaves”.

Black Swan® Bigarettes are world’s most favorite, innovative, re-invented and revolutionary herbal
smoking product. Purely a NON-TOBACCO, 100% free from Tobacco and Nicotine. Bigarettes are
long cylindrical like cigarette shape about 2.90 to 3 inches long but Tendu herbal leaf is “the body” of
bigarette instead Paper, with uniquely developed filter of tendu leaf, which is unique and technically
hand rolled by skilful people; however rolling in such a shape is a difficult and messy and expensive
process but Bigarette & Co. is specially offered herbal smoke in Herbal wrappers instead paper, to avoid
Cigarette paper Harm also from health point of view we have wrapped our pure herbal mixture in
Herbal “Tendu Leaves” instead paper.

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