Mitraphylline: The Silent Fighter

In the Kratom leaf there is a lesser known alkaloid by the name Mitraphylline. Mitraphylline though not as popular as the other well known alkaloids such as Mitragynine or 7-hydroxymitragynine plays an equally important role in the structure of this herbal medicine. This active alkaloid though a non narcotic, acts on the opiate receptors in a way which is yet to be fully understood by the scientists. As the Kratom world opens doors to more and more exciting possibilities, the more intricate and complex nature of the Kratom leaf are revealed to the world. Let us briefly understand the powerful Mitraphylline extract.

Every Kratom expert know that the Kratom leaf gets its magical healing powers from the natural basic compounds which are present inside the plants. The presence of these compounds is influenced by factors like genetics and external conditions like climate and soil in which the plants grow. When these alkaloids enter the human bloodstream, they bond with cells and the sympathetic nervous system.

While the Kratom world has heard much about mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, speciogynine, and paynantheine, the role of the 40 other alkaloids has been relegated to background. The beneficial effects of Kratom are due to the synergy of all these 40 alkaloids.

Benefits of Mitraphylline and Other Alkaloids:

  • Mitraphylline is endowed with anti proliferative and cytotoxic effects which means it has the power to fight the cancer cells in case of sarcomas and leukemia. Speciophylline also possesses this power to fight against cancer.
  • Ajmalicine increases the oxygen supply to the brain and also lowers Blood Pressure.
  • Epicatechin is another powerful anti oxidant.

How Premium Harvesting Can Increase Alkaloids In Kratom

Every Kratom user desires to get the most out of the Kratom leaf. Research has revealed that premium harvesting where the leaf is separated from the stem yields not just concentrated alkaloids but more effective ones. Similarly, the strains which bear the label “super” indicate that large leaves have been used in the Kratom preparation. Premium and super powders possess more potent alkaloids.

Mitraphylline’s Role In Full Spectrum Extracts

The process of extraction also reduces huge quantities of Kratom leaves down to their essence- a dense, highly concentrated resin, powder or tincture. The comprehensive extracts that so get extracted are known as “full spectrum” since they possess the full power of the entire alkaloid ranger.

Although the specific role of Mitraphylline is still not clear, with more comprehensive  studies, our understanding of this ancient herbal medicine continues to grow. Until then it will continue to peacefully exist with other bio active compounds and continue benefiting users in its own quiet ways. Mitraphylline’s role, though a silent one is not an inconspicuous one.