This news is BAD.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is shutting down kratom supplies to the United States. The AKA is running out of time and resources to make sure we can secure the supply chain for you to purchase kratom.

At the same time the FDA is shutting down supply routes of kratom to the United States, Scott Gottlieb is pressuring state boards of pharmacy and legislators to ban kratom in even more states. The AKA has spent more than $2 million to fight back – but the FDA will spend whatever it takes to fight the AKA.

The AKA has added lobbyists across the country and sent our scientific and policy teams to nearly a dozen states to respond to the FDA attempts to criminalize kratom users.

And now we are looking to have to send our teams into even more states to correct the false and misleading information being spewed by the FDA.

Will you dig deep and send a contribution right now to help in the fight — $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can possibly afford to make sure the AKA can answer every lie the FDA tells in whatever state we have to go to get the truth out?

Make no mistake, when we have the chance to tell policy makers how the FDA is deceiving them, we win.

But the AKA is running out of resources to do this. With battles in Ohio, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, Florida, we have to have our lobbyists and scientists on the ground to make certain we preserve your freedom to purchase kratom.

If Scott Gottlieb WINS and kratom gets banned in states like Ohio, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Louisiana, Oregon – or if the DEA schedules kratom — you will lose the right to legally use kratom.

The AKA wants to remain as your voice fighting against the FDA keeping KRATOM LEGAL. We have a comprehensive plan to push back on the FDA, but we need your help to keep this fight going.

Please rush $15, $25, $50 or more now so the AKA can win the fight against Scott Gottlieb and his FDA propaganda machine that demonizes kratom at every turn.

Your generous donation will help us win this fight!


Dave Herman

Chairman, AKA

American Kratom Association
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