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Picralima Nitida is a seed used in African herbal medicine primarily as a pain reliever.  Known as akuamma, the seed contains the alkaloids, akuammine and pericine as well as a number of related minor alkaloids.   

Aside from analgesia,  picralima nitida seeds are also used as an anti-inflammatory, a skeletal muscle relaxant  and an anti-diarrheal.

Akuammine is an indole alkaloid that is structurally related to yohimbine and mitragynine (Kratom).  

Akuammine is soluble in ethanol. Traditionally akuamma seeds were powdered and taken orally. But given the extremely bitter nature of the seeds, it is not surprising that pharmaceutical makers in Africa isolated the active compounds to produce capsules sold under the name Picap. The seeds are said to contain about 3.5%-4.8% akuammine.  

We offer dried seed from Africa.

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