Take a stand to Defend Kratom Today!

Our right to buy Kratom may be taken away soon if we do not stand together and make our voices heard!

There is an active public relations smear campaign going on by the powers that have a vested interested in keeping kratom out of the hands of THE PEOPLE.  They are confiscating imports of kratom, raiding businesses that manufacture products with kratom in it.  An active campaign that is (unfortunately) spreading across the USA.

Kratom has benefited the lives of so many Americans in this country and other human beings around the world. This all natural plant now faces it’s greatest challenge. As Americans we must unite and defend our right to use Kratom as a safe natural alternative before its too late. Thank you for being a force for change today.

EVERYONE CAN HELP! Take a stand and DEFEND #Kratom #MitragynaSpeciosa Mother Nature’s Gift. Please Sign & Tweet it, Post it on your Facebook, Instagram and any other Social media platforms you may be a memeber of!


We MUST spread the word and get the support or else Kratom will be taken away from us….