From: Marijuana Majority

Hi Joe,
2018 has already been a big year for legalization, and with the help of supporters like you, Marijuana Majority is committed to making it one of the biggest yet.

Eight states have legalized the commercial sales of marijuana, and now Vermont is joining Washington D.C. in legalizing home cultivation and personal possession. These states are now seeing the benefits of sensible cannabis policies, from raising tax revenue to freeing up police time for more important matters.

Unfortunately, NJ has not yet legalized marijuana. The good news is that our work is cut out for us. Take one minute to email your legislators and help legalize marijuana in your state.

Just six years ago, not a single state had legalized marijuana, and many claimed it would never happen. After eight states had done so by ballot initiative, many people then said it was inevitable, but that a state legislature would never do it. Now, Vermont has proven them wrong, and shown that anything is possible.

Marijuana reform is incredibly popular, and legalization enjoys more support than many politicians. State officials may be slow to change their stances, but the only way they’ll endorse or become champions of legalization is if they’re pressured by constituents like you.

Please do your part, and take a minute to ask your legislators to legalize marijuana in your state.

Tell NJ Reps

To Legalize Marijuana

Thank you!



Sam Tracy
Board Member
Marijuana Majority


P.S. Unlike legalization opponents, we have no giant corporations bankrolling our efforts. We can only continue to keep up our momentum in states and on the federal level if we have support from people like you. So please chip in to help us continue this work, if you can afford it.

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