By now most us know the health benefits of Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa). A tree native to South East Asia. We have written and posted many articles (from other authors) about this miracle herb.

For those of you who do not know about it, leaves from the Kratom tree are used to help alleviate many ailments such as:

  • PAIN
  • PTSD

…And much more. Along with the fact that it is high in anti-oxidants and has shown promise to help stop and even reverse cancerous tumor growths!

The sad part is that FDA has been waging a smear campaign on Kratom. Seizing importation of this plant, raiding businesses who manufacture herbal supplements with kratom in it, etc. Some states have even gone as far a banning this all natural healing herb simply because of misinformation!

The GOOD NEWS is that LHS has obtained a similar healing herb known as “Kra Thum Khok” (Mitragyna hirsuta). In the same family as Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) that have the same effects! This product CAN ship to EVERY state in the USA, and ship worldwide.

So, people who wish to use an all natural herb instead of synthetic pharmaceuticals to treat their ailments in states that have banned kratom can now purchase Kra Thum Khok!

This is a HUGE win for the people who want to be able to make their own HEALTH CARE decisions on how to medicate themselves. This is a rare and hard to find herbal remedy, so I encourage you to get it while supplies last. And, please pass this information along to others via your social media platforms. Inform the people that they do have other, healthier options when it comes to their health care needs!