An IMPORTANT message from:

Chairman of the Board
American Kratom Association


Kratom Warriors:

“New York Policeman dead from “kratom overdose.”

“Florida man dead from “kratom intoxication.”

“Illinois legislator files bill to ban kratom.”

Those are the headlines dominating the news about kratom, and from what I have seen, it may be just the beginning.

Make no mistake, the FDA and the DEA couldn’t ram through an unfair emergency scheduling of kratom in Washington D.C., so they are now waging the war against kratom at the local level – state by state and county by county.

And now we are seeing attempts to ban kratom in Illinois and Rhode Island!

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The DEA and FDA regulators hate the fact the American Kratom Association has won in the Congress, won on the science, and won in the court of public opinion – all in the fight to keep kratom legal.

But this fight needs to be ongoing.  I am writing today, right now, to ask for your help.

The AKA can win when we have the money and resources to fight back.

It is a fact that it takes money to hire lobbyists.  To hire scientists.  To hire public relations experts.

And now we need to hire forensic pathologists and toxicologists to conclusively show how flawed the autopsies and toxicology reports are regarding the deaths these enemies want to blame on kratom.

I simply cannot say it any more plainly:  We desperately need your help to fight back.

I am asking that you dig as deep as you can to make a contribution to the AKA for the fight we have ahead of us.

It truly is the “Kratom Legal Defense Fund”.

I have spent most of the last 10 days talking nearly nonstop to reporters explaining the truth about kratom.

But the battlefield keeps expanding, and that’s why I need your help.

Your contribution will make a real difference in our war to keep kratom legal.

Consumers have a right to make their own choices about their health and well-being.

And I will not rest until the last battle is won.

Will you consider two requests?

I hate to ask for money, but it is the only tool we have to win this important struggle against the DEA and the FDA.

First, please make the biggest contribution you can afford right now.

Click on this link, and do all you can:

When you make a contribution, I will immediately get an email telling me you are behind me in this fight.

I need my email account to be overloaded with so many contributions it will literally swamp my account.

That is how important this is.

Second, can I ask you to consider signing up as a monthly contributor.

With the state legislative session starting up in just over 60 days, I know our enemies are priming the pump to get as many states to ban kratom as they can.

I need to do battle toe-to-toe in every state these enemies want to pick the fight.  I will not be able to do that without you standing shoulder to shoulder with me.

Together, we can win this fight once again.

You can decide to stop the monthly contribution commitment whenever you have to, but for the next few months we need every dime we can scrape together to fight this battle.

These are desperate times, and without your help we will be very vulnerable – we cannot afford to give up a single inch.

I need to raise $35,000 from this email.

That’s more than we have ever raised in a single email.

But I know we can do it!

So, please, click on this link and make the most generous contribution you can.

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The Kratom Nation is being tested like never before.

Join me today to take on this important battle – together we are unstoppable – #iamkratom, #WeAreKratom, #teamAKA, #AKA.

Dave Herman
Chairman of the Board
American Kratom Association