Currently, there is a bill that is being reviewed in NJ – sponsored by Ronald Stanley Dancer who is a Republican Party politician who serves in the New Jersey General Assembly representing the 12th Legislative District. Dancer claims that Kratom produces effects similar to Heroin and causes paranoid delusions. Dancer, as well as many other politicians, are also under the impression that Kratom will become the next drug epidemic when in reality Kratom may be our only safe and natural alternative to helping people beat there current opioid addictions and manage mild pain without having to take dangerous and potent synthetic opioids such as Percoset and Oxycontin. (The REAL perpetrators of the our current opioid epidemic).Kratom is being grouped in with synthetic designer drugs like K2 and Spice in the minds of many people, when in reality it couldn’t be more different. So, let’s all voice our opinions, and utilize our freedom as Americans to keep Kratom legal in New Jersey and hopefully we can go on to fund unbiased, independent studies of Kratom in the near future so that all will know of the benefits of this wonderful plant.

So, please help us BEAT THIS BILL by signing this petition:

Also, you can go here to view the current status of the bill and PLEASE POST COMMENTS at the bottom of the page (please be polite and professional):

You DO NOT have to be from NJ to sign this.  ANYONE can.  Once you do, please announce this on your social media platforms to pass the word along.  We need as many people as we can to take a stand again ignorance of this all healing herb Mother Nature has blessed us with.