STOP the DEA ban on Kratom

We were asked to put the word out on one more important item that the kratom community needs support on.  Thank you for all your help and continued efforts! This is a big one.  It needs to get done Monday or Tuesday!

There is a “Dear Colleague” letter written by two congressman asking the DEA to delay the ban in order to give the public time to give comments and allow other agencies to put their two cents in.

We need to get as many congressman as possible to sign this letter.  Call your congressman!
If enough congressman sign this letter, we Win! THIS is what we’ve been fighting for! Congressmen Pocan (D-WIS) & Salmon (R-AZ) have written a letter to stop the ban. On MONDAY (9/19), we need your Congressmen to sign as well.

FROM Susan Ash (Director 0f the American Kratom Association): Thanks to our lobbyist, yes, it is true that Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee signed on to our Pocan/Salmon letter! The Judiciary Committee holds jurisdiction over DOJ and the DEA so this is absolutely spectacular news. We are now working with his staff in hopes that he might send the letter with his endorsement to the entire Judiciary committee members on the Dem side. Keep up the e-mails and phone calls!!!

Monday (9/19): Phone Call That Will Stop the Kratom Ban


Please go to the link below and fill  out your info for the PRE-FILLED out letter to YOUR local Rep!
It’s SUPER easy and takes less than 5 minutes:

Congress has the power to stop this ban. We have to empower them!