This is a request to EVERYONE who values your freedom.  Freedom to choose to treat yourself in the manner that best suites you.  The freedom to use ALL NATURAL Healing Herbs, rather than the TOXIC drugs BIG PHARMA tries to push down our throats!

A decision that benefits the majority of citizens, not just a few prosperous business interests. History, like human personal growth, progresses by way of learning from mistakes. Trying to prevent people from making decisions that could allow them to learn things for themselves, stunts their growth. No pain, no gain. Our society needs more commonsense education about herbal medicines, not more regulation.

Let’s preserve one of the final freedoms we have left — the freedom to choose the type of medicine we will take.

Please take a small moment of your time to email the representatives that are sponsoring this ignorant bill (  Here are their email addresses:

And, please re-post on this blog and your other social media platforms.  this is the only way we can get enough people to make a difference.