It is great to see people banning (no pun intended!) together to fight the “good fight” FOR kratom.

Unfortunately, I have not seen much discussion about the possible pending ban of Kratom in New Jersey. Specifically, New Jersey Assembly Bill 4431.

This should be of GREAT concern to ALL of us (as should the NY Bill). Why? Because NY & NJ are highly populated and and considered a “hub” for imports, sales, etc in this industry. Believe me, it is NOT a coincidence that “they” have targeted NY & NJ. They are doing this to try to “cut the head off” of this industry! they know that if they can be successful in banning kratom in NJ (and NY), then it will have HUGE negative consequences for the kratom industry as a whole. Importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers then ultimately the consumer will suffer if kratom get banned in NJ. Along with the fact that if/when this occurs, it will have a “chilling” effect for the rest of the states, and a possible snowball effect being that the two most important states (NJ & NY) in our nation (as far as importing and distributing goes) will have fallen. It will create a “slippery slope” and a precedent for other states to follow.

Please take a moment of your time to go here: You can view the bill, see who is sponsoring it (Representative Ronald Dancer [R-NJ]), leave comments by clicking the “Comments” tab. Also, please go here: to write to these Assemblymen and Senators of NJ in order to educate them about kratom and let them know how it has positively affected your life, your family members, friends, customers, etc. Also, this bill was apparently referred to the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee in which I could not find any links to email or contact them in any way. SO, any help with that contact info would be GREATLY appreciated. PLEASE POST IT HERE so we can contact them too!

I can not stress enough how important it is that EVERYONE that reads this, does it. Please do not get “the other person will do it, so I don’t have to” syndrome! If not, we can be in danger of seeing this wonderful herb/tree that Mother Nature has gifted us with be taken away from ALL of us.

It is also important that once you do take action to please pass this information on to family, friends, co-workers, etc, etc. AND, more importantly, send the message out via your Social Media Platforms, blogs, etc. Word will spread fast. the more they hear from us, the more they will (hopefully) stop to think twice about what they will possibly do.

It is in OUR HANDS now. The ball is in our court. How are we going to respond?