The clock is ticking. Act NOW to make your voice heard!

Help ensure that Kratom will not become a controlled substance. Any positive experiences, factual research, scientific studies or journals, stories about how this plant has affected your life or the lives of those around you, etc., need to be shared now, more than ever. 

Our community’s voice needs to remain as strong as possible during this crucial period of time. Less than 40 days remain in the open comment period. Join in the movement today! Share this link with your friends, family, customers, and coworkers. 

Three ways to comment:

A Project of the American Kratom Association and the Botanical Education Alliance:

The above link is a little simpler then the DEA’s comment website and is linked to the DEA’s site so your comment will be seen there, or use the DEA’s website link below: 

Click the “Comment Now” tab on link below to make your voice heard (upper right-hand side of page) :

Or If you would prefer to hand-write and mail in your comments, you may do so. Please make sure these are sent in by the middle of November, so that they arrive before the end of the comment period. Address and information is below.
Paper comments: Paper comments that duplicate the electronic submission are not necessary and are discouraged.

Should you wish to mail a paper comment in lieu of an electronic comment, it should be sent via regular or express mail to: Drug Enforcement Administration, Attn: DEA Federal Register Representative/ODW, 8701 Morrissette Drive, Springfield, Virginia 22152.

Time line:

The comment period is going on right now and ends December 1st 2016.  At the end of the comment period the DEA will review the comments and can choose to act 1 of 3 ways in regard to Kratom. 

The 1st option is that the DEA could leave Kratom alone, which that will mean Kratom will stay legal.

The 2nd option is that the DEA can choose to recommend to Congress to schedule Kratom.  Congress will take over and if they decided to act upon the recommendation it would have to go thru both houses and then the president.  This process could take years.

The 3rd option is that the DEA will issue another notice of intent to schedule Kratom under the Emergency Ban Statue.  This would put us in same place we were at the end of August.  Let’s not let this happen again. If the DEA issues another notice of intent to schedule Kratom then they will again give a 30 day notice and start the process all over again.

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