JUNE 22, 2016 – ANNOUNCEMENT  –  #SaveKratom
The education, lobby, and grassroots efforts are making a tremendous impact on #SaveKratom. @Botanicallegaldefense would like to thank everyone – especially the local community who are proving with the right voice and message legislatures are listening. 
“Our mission is to increase understanding in order to influence public policy and protect natural supplements”.
BLD Board Thank You’s & Message
Angela, Travis and David would like to personally thank everyone who contributed through donations and their time for helping preserve the legal right to use Kratom in NC and NY.
Special thanks to ElizabethKelly, and the lobby firms along with all of the Kratom supporters who sent letters to local legislators highlighting how Kratom has positively impacted their lives, as well as those who showed up at the hearings to help put forward the positive aspects of the plant.
State Updates
North Carolina –  House Bill 747 was amended Tuesday, the bill will prohibit the use of kratom for minors (18+) and call for a public health study on its effects.

We wanted to do the right thing and not have a knee-jerk reaction,” Sen. Tom McInnis said.

New YorkFinal speeches by Legislative Leaders in Senate underway finished at roughly 3:30am on Saturday, 6/18/16.

S.6345 (Carlucci) did NOT make it onto Senate Active List and thus did NOT pass the Senate.

A.8670 (Gunther) was never considered in the Assembly Economic Development.  Nor were A.9068 (Linares) or A.9121 (Linares) both of which remain in the Assembly Health Committee.

Kratom remains legal in NY state.

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Remember: The fight is not over. While this is a victory we are grateful for, we must carry on our momentum to the next states such as Indiana and Tennessee.

As a community, we have to keep in mind that states can be lost just as quickly as they are won. It’s often a domino effect either way, which means we have to stay alert! The long term legality of Kratom depends on it.

We Continue the Fight
In advance of the next legislative session, it has been requested that the BLD and the Kratom community work in a coordinated way to satisfy issues related to consumer awareness and self-governance. This will involve providing educational materials related to selecting responsible Kratom vendors and brands, as well as providing information to manufacturers, so that products are compliant with Federal and State regulations.

These are responsibilities that the BLD takes very seriously.