From: Botanical Education Alliance (BEA)

Oct. 31, 2017


Ban Attempt in Illinois
We now have a recent amendment to the Kratom Control Act in Illinois that aims to change the existing law of kratom from being illegal for citizens under 18 to being illegal for all. Not exactly the turn of events we wanted to see.

The BEA is taking necessary actions with a lobbyist right now to prevent this from happening and thankfully a lobby firm has been paid for by a vendor. It is the same lobby firm that the BEA has used in the past with success!

As you all know, this is not a 1-man show nor even a 1-organization anymore but one thing is confirmed. We all need to work together to prevent the tides from turning. This point is as crucial as any other in our attempts to keep kratom legal regardless if it affects your particular state or not.

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Please help make a difference.