By: Paul Kemp


The industry I’d like to introduce you to is off the radar screen of most business people, yet it is booming. Others — competitors, all — are fiercely trying to keep you and the general public unaware and afraid of it. I find this fascinating and very important.

This industry is the import, distribution, and education of the public on how to use an ancient medicinal herb to remedy all sorts of common modern ailments that, we are told, have no cure.

A growing flood of buyers of this amazing product are flooding into online social media chat groups. They want to know what it is, how does one use it, and where can they get it?

Retailers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for customer service reps, keeping them trained, and not burning them out.

I view my industry as a humanitarian project. So many people are depending on this simple herb for their comfort, ability to function, where conventional medical solutions are a miserable failure for them. More demand is being created every day as the word of incredible relief is spreading by personal recommendations and Internet broadcasting.

Pent-up demand demands of instant service, expedited shipping and the ever-present spectre of an FDA closure of our borders to this herb makes buyers and sellers very nervous, further increasing demand.

The demographic width and breadth of this market is breathtaking. Virtually everyone above the age of eighteen will, at some point in their life want to have this product available to themselves, probably for long-term use.

In many ways, this is the same story in a largely different context than the product cannabis faced for 77 years. (Except that kratom is legal in 46 states.)

Unlike cannabis, which was mainly a “want” of the huge youth market, this product is a desperate “need” of those who love it now and those who are just learning about it.

What is it?

The product is Kratom, the ground-up and powdered leaves of the Southeast Asian tree, Mitragyna Speciosa korth. It is best known as a pain killer and a way for drug addicts to break their addictions without the usual harrowing withdrawal symptoms that stop many from ever quitting — not knowing or believing there could be an easy, do-it-yourself way out.

But, lest you write these people off as despicable junkies, you should consider that the thoroughly modern pharmaceutical industry has willingly handicapped itself (as a barrier to entry of competitors) by causing it to be written into our laws that all cures must be pharmaceutical-manufactured synthetics — unique molecules that exist nowhere in nature.

Most diseases today are not cured, they are only symptomatically treated, which allows the disease to progress and new symptoms proliferate. This has made the pharmaceutical industry rich…and millions of Americans miserable, in pain and depressed.

Chronic back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, and Lupus and more are invitations for hardworking citizens to become habituated to super-strength painkillers. These people want off these drugs, but they need something to ease the pain that may be with them for life.

They are finding kratom, an herb that has never caused a fatal overdose and has had no adverse effects report filed with the FDA.

The pharmaceutical industry is losing a lot of business and they’re not happy about this, so they may be behind the “special report” campaign on TV stations across the nation that warn parents (and alert their kids) of this new herb, which they inaccurately label as “legal heroin” and “hallucinogenic”. What a sad joke for those who know and depend on this inexpensive plant for relief, mood enhancement, and energy.

I am on the board of directors of a new national non-profit dedicated to preserve Americans’ freedom to wisely use this unique and vulnerable natural herb. We are looking for other board members who can help us save this herb — much in the way that LinkedIn member, Sir Richard Branson, has stepped forward to lend his support to the movement to legalize cannnabis.

An estimated 2 million Americans now use kratom. Tens or even hundreds of millions could benefit from it, if they only knew the truth of its safety.

We, at the, will be funding research to document the benefits that a wide range of patients are receiving now. We will be busily educating lawmakers and the medical industry of a product that can bring relief and even joy back into the lives of many who could barely get out of bed, due to fibromyalgia, RA, major depression, anxiety, and many more conditions, for which the pharmaceutical industry is not motivated to (or capable of) producing a cure.

Will you help?

The media have done a bang-up job of giving kratom an undeserved black reputation with a campaign that dismisses it as primarily a “legal high” that should be banned.

This is a distortion and a problem the media have created by their Special Reports on this supposed danger to America’s drug-seeking youth. I invite you to read the testimonials of kratom users at:

We need your help. You may not realize it, but you will probably want access to this amazing herb at some point in your life, if you are ever injured and develop chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, or depression for any reason. Kratom has a long tradition of use as a folk medicine and an herbal stimulant similar to coffee.


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