By Paul Kemp


Kratom may be one of many beneficiaries of the deadly Ebola epidemic, that is only now beginning. Ebola is going to be the “acid test” of the pharmaceutical monopoly’s control over how medicine is practiced in North America.

How Kratom May Benefit from the Ebola Plague

How will they explain it, if their vaccines don’t provide reliable protection? Most of the open-minded people I meet will admit the annual flu vaccine didn’t work for them when they tried it.

What will be the unspoken message when those who are vaccinated start dying from Ebola?

Wouldn’t it be quite interesting if — by protecting the public from Kratom and other natural antiviral substances — the blindness of the FDA and their number one client, the pharmaceutical companies, caused the extinction of the majority of the U.S. population who trust only in FDA-approved medicines?

Of course, this would clearly not be amusing if you and yours were among those who didn’t survive…

In this incipient pandemic, will we learn the foolishness of only considering as treatments those synthetic drugs which can be patented for profit? Will the wiser segment of the U.S. population decide it might be a good time to consider ALL known antiviral remedies that have been shown through centuries of use to kill viruses, rather than limit ourselves to waiting for someone to concoct an untested vaccine?

This could allow a breakthrough in our myopic medical system, which has been created by the “robber barons” Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, who used their immense wealth to create profit, while inhibiting competition from traditional natural therapies. The Ebola plague might be just the thing to bring back an openness to remedies that WORK, regardless of whether they can be wildly profitable or not.

Isn’t our health — not their profit — the ultimate purpose of medical knowledge?

Would it not be supremely ironic for the promoters of pharmaceutical patent-protected drugs to die off, while those with an open mind to ancient antiviral herbs and minerals survive? I personally had great success in treating an outbreak of shingles almost a year ago with colloidal silver. I sprayed it on the sores and inflamed, itching area — and drank some daily — and within a week the shingles were gone. The cost of my self-treatment was less than $40, much better than the $200 vaccine injection I was offered.

Regarding Kratom and the Ebola Plague

I am in no way suggesting that kratom might be a cure, treatment, or even a preventive therapy for the deadly ebola virus infection. What I am suggesting is that kratom, which has some antiviral properties, should be permitted for the public to use, along with other nutritional and antiviral methods, which are known to support and promote a healthy immune system.

My point is simply that our leadership has allowed the pharmaceutical corporations to create a monopoly over the way that medicine may be practiced in the U.S. This monopoly has already shown itself to be incapable of curing even a simple condition termed as “acid reflux”, much less cancer.

The official cancer protocol is considered a success if the patient survives the treatment and lives for five years or more. They still die of cancer — it just takes longer and costs a lot more. Thanks to decades of allopathic Medical Doctors’ bad and self-serving advice, our health is at the bottom of the list of equally developed nations, even though we spend the most. What does that tell you?

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It is a crime for kratom vendors to even mention the successes that their products might have — since they are not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Approval takes a lot of money — an estimated $600 Million — to test and produce a new drug, whether it sells or not. Who, but the wealthy pharmaceutical corporations, can afford such a gamble? Why should herbs with thousands of years of safe use be held to that same standard? We have put our faith in a very limited source of protection — vaccination — while ignoring the necessity to support our incredibly adaptable on-board immune system.

Some of the allopathic medicine treatments, especially for autoimmune diseases, actually suppress our immune system — mistakenly believing that our body has for some unknown reason turned on itself. These patients will be particularly susceptible to the ebola virus.

The bad news is that Ebola may wipe out much of our medical fraternity and those who place all their faith in modern patented prescription drugs and vaccines. The good news could be that the unnecessary deaths of those who relied on drugs and medical doctors will prove, once and for all, the folly of our for-profit, drug-centric medical system.

A Strong Immune System Is Our Ultimate Defense Against Any Disease

Such a revelation should make us aware of how limited our treatment options are in this country. Smart people will take notice of the failures of protective gear and vaccinations and act accordingly. Will the FDA be smart enough to leave no stone unturned in their search for real protection against ebola? Will this free Americans to use any herb or treatment they see fit? Let’s hope so!

We shall see if the CDC, WHO, and the FDA learn the hard lesson Ebola is here to teach. “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” – Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner.

Those who survive Ebola will ultimately be the deciders of the direction of modern medicine. Those who die will be evidence of the folly of our dependence on “Magic Bullet” technologies, such as vaccination, rather than supporting our God-given immune system with a healthy mostly-organic diet, plus herbs, vitamin & mineral supplements, and regular exercise.

Don’t believe me? But please, listen to a medical doctor who has come to the same conclusion: Dr. Suzanne Humphries — Are Vaccines Safe?

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Let us hope the “New Direction” will include the freedom to use any herb or supplement we see fit, rather than continuing to be subject to an allopathic medical monopoly that only permits pharmaceutical products to be recognized as prevention, treatments, and cures. A full-blown Ebola pandemic will make it blindingly obvious that our health is a do-it-yourself affair, not something we can purchase from a medical doctor.