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The American Kratom Association needs your help to protect kratom.


AKA Supporter and Kratom Warrior:

We don’t know each other yet, but my name is Dave Herman, and I was recently elected as the new Chairman of the American Kratom Association.

I am excited to take on this challenge, and to join you and tens of thousands of other “Kratom Warriors” across America in our shared battle to preserve and protect our freedom to use kratom as a part of our personal plan for our health and well-being.

I know your time is valuable, so I am going to cut to the chase.

The SITSA Act sponsored by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) – and the companion bill filed in the U.S. House by Representative John Katco (R-NY) — is a real threat to kratom.

I am not asking for any money today, but I do need your help in getting more signatures on the petition that we want to give to the U.S. Congress about protecting kratom.

Here is the link to that petition:

I know there are some who are claiming this proposed SITSA legislation is not a threat, and those critics claim AKA is just trying to raise money when these bills don’t apply to kratom.

They are wrong!

You do not have to take my word for it. We asked one of the top law firms in Washington DC, Hogan Lovells, to give their independent and unvarnished opinion whether the proposed SITSA Act will allow the Attorney General and the DEA to schedule kratom.

The conclusion: The proposed SITSA Act will absolutely give the authority to the Attorney General and the DEA to schedule kratom.

In fact, Hogan Lovells properly opined that SITSA is an unprecedented expansion of the law enforcement and scheduling powers of both the Attorney General and the DEA.

You can click on the following link and read the Hogan Lovells’ analysis of SITSA for yourself:

I will not apologize for the AKA’s past requests for donations.

Your donations were the only way that we were able to stop the DEA with their emergency scheduling order to ban kratom back in August.

Your donations allowed us to fund the 8-Factor Analysis on kratom by one of the best independent analysts on addiction and safety for botanicals, Dr. Jack Henningfield. 

That 8-Factor Analysis now has the FDA back on their heels in trying to justify their attempts to schedule kratom as a controlled substance under what is called “regular rulemaking.”

Your donations were key in helping defeat state legislative bans on kratom in Florida, Utah and West Virginia, along with potential bans in other states. The Oregon bill to require a study on the safety of kratom is bottled up because we provided the 8-Factor Analysis.

And I learned late last night that the New York Assembly closed its legislative session without acting on the bill to ban kratom, so it is now dead too.

We have built a powerful team of lawyers, lobbyists, social media experts, and scientists who are working every day to protect kratom.

That team is now aggressively working with the DEA, the National Institutes for Drug Abuse at HHS, and the FDA. Every day we are making progress.

But I have to admit that it is frustrating to read comments by people who criticize AKA without bothering to find out the facts.

None of our successes could have happened without your generous financial support, and I will be glad to have that discussion with any critic who wants to claim that our efforts have not been successful.

The AKA asked for your help last week by signing a petition on SITSA that will authorize an unprecedented expansion of the powers of the Attorney General and DEA for scheduling of so-called “analogues” of controlled substances, and you responded.

We are nearing 12,000 signatures, but we need more – as many as we can get.

Could I ask you to find family members and friends to sign the petition?

Every adult should sign the petition separately.

Use your social media and email accounts and ask everyone to help us protect our freedom to use kratom.

It is important to convey a powerful message to members of Congress – and the sponsors of SITSA — that the kratom community is active in its mission to protect the freedoms consumers have to make decisions about their own health and well-being.

Again, here is the link to that petition:

Before I let you go, let me say how grateful I am for your support of AKA.

And you have my personal pledge that I will work tirelessly to protect our freedom to make our own decisions on our health and well-being without the interference of government bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

Dave Herman
Chairman of the Board
American Kratom Association

To DONATE, please click on the following link: