Paul Kemp: March 29, 2016

New York state is about to put one of several bills(S.6345) to a vote on the floor of the Senate soon. The Senate Alcoholism committee (how ironic!) just passed by a divided vote this issue on to the larger Senate, which has even less familiarity than the Alcoholism Committee did.

My immediate thought is that those of us who want to keep kratom legal are not making our points sufficiently clear to these decision-makers.

I said that it is ironic that the committee on Alcoholism should pass a negative judgement on a substance (kratom) that has helped many people see and act upon the insight that alcohol is a poor choice as a refuge from life’s challenges. That the Alcoholism committee has so little understanding of the facts of the addiction issue, itself, is astounding.

If we’re going to ban kratom because some people with a demonstrated addictive inclination also allow themselves to become addicted to kratom, why not ban alcohol for the vast majority who use it tolerably well, in hopes of protecting alcoholics? Didn’t these Senators of New York learn anything from the failure of alcohol prohibition in the 1920s and ’30s?

I represent a lot of people with diseases our medical establishment has no inclination to cure (there’s no money in curing disease), so they are in extreme pain for life. Our society has decided to take opioid pain meds away from most of these folks — and now they want to take kratom, a safer herb away from them!?

Our politicians must think all our glowing praise for the miracle of an herb that works better for relieving our pain and anxiety must be lies or the delusions of drug addicts. I know that these aren’t lies, so our lawmakers’ opinions of us are very offensive.

The Senate of NY needs to hear from us, the folks who use kratom medicinally, and our war-torn veterans who need something to get them back into a positive, hopeful mental state.

Kratom, they will tell you, works!

Let’s get on the phone and tell them how we feel about them taking away our choice of a natural herb that does a better job than anything an MD can offer. They need to hear from us today and until the bill comes to a vote.

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Sen. Carlucci, the sponsor of this bill thinks kratom is just another addictive drug. Contact him: [email protected] <—-VERY IMPORTANT YOU MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!