Interruption of a day, which you think a problem-free, with ill health is not so rare. A cranky feeling desiring you to rest and relax is always signal for something wrong within your body.

Identifying these red flags and fixing them before consequences happen is invariably an excellent choice. Fixes can be simpler with lifestyle changes in the form of good diet, regular exercise, relaxation and timely consultation from doctor.

Unexplained weight gain

Noticing excessive weight gain unless otherwise tried, you may be a victim of poor hormonal balance. When it comes to hormone balance, the functioning of a thyroid gland is one of the key determinants.

‘In general, 5-10 pounds of body weight may be attributable to the thyroid  depending on the severity of the hypothyroidism’ documented by American Thyroid Association.

Researchers have noticed a complex relationship between thyroid disease, body weight and metabolism. Thyroid hormone regulates body metabolism, a key factor associated with changes in energy balance and weight control. Energy balance is the amount of calories one eats and the amount of calories the body uses. In a patient with hypothyroidism as a metabolic rate decreases the excessive calories lead to unexplained weight gain.

However, excessive accumulation of salt and water in hypothyroidism is cited as another major reason for weight gain.

Whatever the cause, once you notice an unexplained weight gain, it is time to get check your thyroid status. Proper medication and exercises are good ways to get control over thyroid issue.


Feeling tired or lack of energy or being constantly weak is very commonly occurring phenomenon. Person experiences fatigue at some point in their lives.

Medicalnewstoday described fatigue as not feeling refreshed after resting or sleeping. Severe fatigue hampers your ability to perform daily workouts. As fatigue is associated with clinical depression, eating disorders, alcohol abuse or drug abuse, fatigue can be the suggestion of your poor mental health.

Fatigue can also be a symptom of anemia where blood has lower than a normal number of red blood cells, listed out by National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Poor number of red blood cells reduces oxygen-carrying capacity of blood so a body is a shortage of oxygen, and hence you feel tired.

So don’t relate your fatigue with exertion. Instead visit your doctor to rule out mental illness or blood parameters. Relaxation and well-balanced diet definitely help to get rid of fatigue.

Toilet trouble

Your morning dump lasts harsh, and you feel uncomfortable for a whole of the day. Though constipation is embarrassing condition understanding its causes will definitely help to solve your problem.

Constipation occurs when waste products of digestion pass too slowly through a digestive tract. Mayo Clinic highlighted inadequate fluid intake and lack of fiber-rich diet are root causes of constipation. Both causes stool to harden, dry and difficult to pass through a digestive tract. So that person experience straining, bloating or even painful bowel movement. In rare cases, it signals for colorectal cancer, hormonal disturbances and autoimmune diseases.

Drink an ample amount of fluid throughout the day and enjoy fiber –rich products to remain strain less in early-morning hours.

Upset tummy

You feel annoyed because your upset tummy interrupts your most of the work. Upset tummy, a stomach problem, is an important reason for a number of clinical visits and hospitalization in modern days.

With upset tummy, most common clue goes with reflux symptoms or simply heartburn. Feeling of hot and burning in the center of an abdomen with gushing acid into the chest is a confirmatory sign that you have heartburn. Constant reflux of acid into esophagus damages it and may lead to cancer over the period of time.

Healthy diet plan, avoiding sleep after food, eating a small amount of food at fixed intervals and regular exercises helps to reduce heartburn in almost cases.

Non-healing wound

Wound healing is a normal biological process where skin repairs itself after injury. So whenever you get trauma, you just need proper wound care and rest is taken care by a body itself.

However, if your wound is not getting well even after precautions, you need some consultation because the non-healing wound can sign for certain risk factors as per Pubmed literature.

Diabetes is a well known cause for impaired wound healing. Diabetic population is closely prone to develop chronic non-healing foot ulcers estimated to occur in 15% of all persons with diabetes.

When you are running with shortage of specific nutrition, you may notice a delay in wound healing. Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of vitamins promote wound healing. Carbohydrate is needed for energy supply, and proteins have a great role in wound remodeling.

 ‘Sore that does not heal’ –is a warning sign for cancer according to Cleveland Clinic.

Hence, along with proper wound care with antiseptic dressing, controlling blood-sugar level and nutritional fulfillment are important necessity for wound healing.

So, let’s care for warning sign from your body and avoid unnecessary complications.