From our friends at the Drug Policy Alliance!


The DEA recently placed kratom, a medicinal plant used for millennia in Southeast Asia, on the list of Schedule I drugs, effective September 30.

Your efforts are working. We are raising awareness, but we have a long way to go. Our adversary has been planning their attack for months, but they lack heart and that is how we will win the day.

T-19 days until Kratom is scheduled with heroin.

Without a serious scientific investigation the DEA irresponsibly intends to subject anyone caught with kratom to long prison sentences, while effectively halting scientific investigation into kratom’s medicinal benefits and making it impossible to enact sensible legal regulations for kratom.

Many people struggling with opioid addiction have turned to kratom as a safer alternative, but now all promising scientific studies on kratom’s role in opioid treatment could be immediately shut down. Science be damned.

It is a PRE-FILLED out letter that will be sent to YOUR Congressman.  All you have to do is fill out the form which takes less than ONE MINUTE.  Please complete it AND PASS THIS ON.  Post it on your social media, get the word out….

We need your help to fight back. CLICK HERE

With time against us we need to press as hard as possible to #stopthebanonkratom this means flooding the DEA with calls and emails P: # DEA 202-307-1000 press option 4 Melvin Patterson. this next item is VERY important and best chance to put the brakes on the ban 

VERY IMPORTANT!!   This link goes to oversight committee on issue or policy that is false or being done not in the best interest of the people like the DEA has done here for big Pharma, we encourage the message to be of science, medical and your story and who you are, #iamkratom enough emails to this committee will be a great shot, remember the last DEA chief stepped down through this.

The March/ Rally on September 13th in DC at 12pm   it is also

Very important to have as many people as possible the media coverage should be incredible. And last please sign the petition:

Through numbers we can be heard and show that even people who do not use kratom can help the unwarranted ban on kratom This can happen to anything the government wants to, it must stop!  #stopthebanonkratom PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU CAN !! donate to American kratom association or Botanical Education alliance

ps: Google and see all the great press and overwhelming public outrage for this cause!