15X Pure Kratom Resin Extract

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Pure Kratom Resin Extract – 15X!


15X Pure Kratom Resin Extract

You will be amazed at the quality! This resin extract is a 15X. Meaning that 15g of Kratom Leaf was used to make 1g of Resin! This Kratom resin smells amazing straight out of the bag, almost as if it has been caramelized. This Kratom resin product can be dissolved in hot water for your research needs.

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4 reviews for 15X Pure Kratom Resin Extract

  1. feamicone

    I have tried to make my own resin before and it was messy and did not come out anything like what I got from LHS. This stuff is pretty good, in my opinion not quite 15x but still did the trick. The pricing is good as well. I used this by taking a couple gram chunk and dropping it into some hot water to make tea. I usually use about 15-20 grams which is a little high but I only had to drop about a 5g chunk into the water and got the same effect as my normal dose. It seems to be a fairly middle of the ground strain between energy and analgesic. It is worth the money and LHS is a great site. Much better than the stuff they sell at smoke shops and even though you gotta pay a little more for shipping, the quality is much better than other brands like club 13, boosted, lifted, and earth kratom. Give these guys a try and you will not be disappointed.

  2. mgp (verified owner)

    Works great. Just broke off pieces and swallowed like a pill.

  3. Brina Becknell (verified owner)

    I have also tried to make my own Kratom Resin before, and can’t seem to get it to the quality as LHS has it at. I have tried buying it elsewhere, but I will now only be buying it from LHS. Great stuff.

  4. Jack Ballenger (verified owner)

    Nice stuff. I actually like to dissolve in under my tongue and sorta move it around in my mouth. It dissolves in about 5 minutes and the taste is not bad if you’re used to the taste of kratom. It’s much milder than the plant.

    Doing this you can get instantly noticeable effects using a super tiny piece. The size of a pea.

    Just to share I’ve ordered from LHS upwards on 15-20 times and every time my order has arrived in exactly 2 days, from New Jersey to California. These guys are great if ur looking for a good easy deal with free shipping 👌

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