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Calea Zacatechichi Review for Lucid Dreams

Calea zacatechichi (synonym Calea ternifolia) is a plant used by the Chontal Indians of Mexico to obtain divinatory messages through dreaming. Traditionally the plant is smoked (although can also be made into a tea) before bed to bring relaxation and fluidity to mind and body, and usher in an easy and deep sleep during which the dreamer finds the gates to the dreamscape gently opened. Dream Herb is reportedly just as effective when burned as an incense, allowing it to fill the room 30 minutes before going to sleep, Some people like to place a few springs of the herb under their pillow at bedtime as well.

This dream herb that is scientifically shown to increase dream recall, dream intensity and hypnagogic imagery.

Though it can certainly open the gateway to lucid dreaming, the really meaningful aspect of Calea Z is its ability to take you on an incredible inner journey. I’m talking about the kind of dreams that change you – even more, perhaps, than many of your memorable waking experiences.

Who is Calea Z For?

This herb is for any intrepid dream explorer who wants to experience a richer dream life.

Quite amazingly, that includes people who don’t normally remember any dreams at all. That’s how powerful this herb can be. So in my view, Calea Z is something to consider if you have real problems with your dream recall, and are looking for a way to get closer to your dream world.

Other Calea Z users have reported incredibly realistic dreams, sometimes with complex plots and gripping drama, others with totally trivial content but profound intensity nonetheless. So remember, this is no “instant lucid dream pill” but rather a super dream intensifier.

If you practice lucid dream techniques already, you know the effect that can have on your lucid dreams. The two go together hand-in-hand. But if you’re a non-lucid dreamer, don’t expect this to be a silver bullet.

As dream herbs go, I believe Calea Z is a good one to start off with because:

  • It has little or no effect on waking consciousness.
  • It intensifies and prolongs your dreams on an epic level.
  • It creates vivid dreams even in those who never remember.
  • It does not increase the likelihood of sleep paralysis.

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