Super Green Vein Kalimantan Maeng Da Nano Kratom Powder

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Green Vein Kalimantan


The NEWEST in our line of Ultra High Quality Kratom powders!

Grown Organically and harvested sustainably in the Kalimantan region of Indonesia. The Maeng Da variety are the leaves taken from the oldest trees from the old growth forests. The oldest leaves are physically larger (hence the “Super”) and contain a high volume of mitragynine (the MAIN active alkaloid that is responsible for it’s effects).

On top of that, this particular product is “Nano” Powder. Which means after drying the leaves, they are milled with special equipment to a super fine powder. This makes it easier for your body to absorb it and for your body to access the active alkaloids. You will soon discover a more Potent & Effective product with nano kratom powder due to these facts.

Green Veins have been historically known for their Energetic & Euphoric properties. It is also said it aides with Focus


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Weight 1 oz
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1kg (1000g), 4 oz (112g), 8oz (224g), 16oz (1lb)

1 review for Super Green Vein Kalimantan Maeng Da Nano Kratom Powder

  1. That Dude

    One word: SUPBERB. One of their best!

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