EverLast – Herbal Blend

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All leaf, NO stems!


EverLast – Herbal Blend

EverLast – One of our most popular and potent sellers is back!!


**You have to add a PRODUCT FIRST, then add an enhancement if you want more potency.

One of the MOST UNIQUE Herbal blends on the market.

A POTENT, LONG lasting, aromatic blend with a unique herbal base.

De-Stress you, Take away your Anxiety and forget about the troubles of the day!

Skillfuly hand crafted with only the highest quality medicinal herbs available, this product is all natural and works great!

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5 reviews for EverLast – Herbal Blend

  1. joshporch (verified owner)

    Just like the description says, this product is the most potent blend I’ve tried yet, and it was even stronger than the Black Label on a milligram basis. Again, I overshot the effects I was looking for even though I used a really small amount so that’s why I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5. I know some people like super potent but I got into territory far exceeding where I was trying to get to. However, this blend is an exceptional stimulant and in the right amounts for someone’s tolerance level, it would be an incredible wake-me-up and pick-me-up for someone who needs to do something that requires a lot of energy (but not driving lol). Because of the potency, at least I know it’ll last me a long time. Gonna try it with CBD hemp flower next.

  2. Meagan Lum (verified owner)

    Most potent blend I’ve tried and I’ve tried most all of them. It’s my absolute favorite! You can smoke a little and face life head on with energy or you can smoke quite a bit and be high asf. It’s a soothing, calming high too. Like this is more potent than some breeds of real weed I’ve tried. I just wish they’d give a bigger discount after so many purchases to their regular customers because I buy 28g every 2 weeks just about.

  3. DeckerJGarrett (verified owner)

    Much like Astral Journey, this is a very potent blend that you will not regret purchasing. Low intensity with high euphoria makes for a mellow and positive experience that you should really give a try.

  4. Dallas Sinclair (verified owner)

    An interesting blend that works well. It has an indica/in da couch effect/feeling. It definitely works, is totally legal and fun! I highly recommend this product for newbies or experienced users. It is a creeper blend that I dont feel on the draw but 2 to 5 minutes after it comes on and also gives great body relaxation. I really like it.

  5. Will Hall (verified owner)

    First blend I’ve tried here and I will surely be returning to try others. It’s a wonderful alternative since my state is in motion to ban delta 8 and other alternative cannabinoid products in July. From what I can tell these blends contain naturally derived oils that serve as metabolic precursors to neurotransmitters that naturally bind to cannabinoid receptors like those responsible for the “runner’s high”. This unique pharmacology makes for a pleasant experience with minimal anxiety in comparison to conventional cannabis. It’s very potent even with a good tolerance so pack small and pace yourself

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