Mushroom Cloud Wild Dagga eLiquid for Vape (15ml)


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Wild dagga is commonly referred to as ‘wild cannabis’.

Calming and sedating sensations are felt when the flowers are consumed as a tea, while euphoric reactions occur when the flowers are smoked. South African tribes have traditionally smoked wild dagga flowers and leaves for its euphoric effect.

It is not only South Africans that have long appreciated the benefits of wild dagga, as this plant is also consumed in Chinese and Vietnamese culture for its euphoric effects.

Wild dagga smokers report mood enhancement, slight giddiness, increased colour perception and mental clarity.  If enough flowers are smoked, mild visual hallucinations may also occur.  All these effects are associated with smoking the flowers.  It is possible to gain similar effects by smoking the leaves, but a much larger quantity is needed.  Although this plant is appealing for its euphoric effects, it also has great value for its calming properties.

The properties of Wild dagger flowers make this plant an appealing legal alternative to cannabis.

If looking for a natural high, wild dagga flowers are considered versatile because they can be smoked independently for its own euphoric effects. It can also be combined with other herbs to create variations in euphoria and exuberance.


A UNIQUE eJuice/Vape product indeed!

The beauty of this product is in it’s simplicity in the way it was made. Hand crafted by a well known botanist in this industry and contains nothing more than Wild Dagga extract. So, you get pure, potent, uncut, unadulterated herbal goodness!

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