Valerian Root Extract eJuice for Vape 50ml


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Valerian Root Natural Relaxant and Sleep Aid – LARGE 50ML Bottle (OVER 3 oz’s)!!

New Formula with added SAGE herb ( An effective antioxidant, and may improve sleep and cognitive function )

People consider vaping simply as a pastime or fun activity. Nevertheless, we worked hard to introduce more life-changing vape liquid variants. One of these useful variants is the Valerian Root E-liquid. It is a natural relaxant that can aid you in sleeping and removing stress.

The Natural Valerian E-Liquid formula available only from LHS!.

Valerian is a perennial plant that has been used as an herbal remedy since the time of the Ancient Greeks, who used it to treat digestive problems. The herb grows in damp areas throughout the Americas, Europe and northern Asia. Valerian root has been used for centuries to treat nervous system disorders, and it is commonly used as a sleep aid as well.

As Valerian root ages, it produces a substance known as isovaleric acid. This compound and another acid known as valerenic acid are significant active ingredients that are present in the volatile oils found in Valerian root. These volatile oils are thought to be responsible for Valerian root’s ability to relax the central nervous system and promote a good night’s sleep.

Does valerian root really work? Double blind studies have shown that Valerian root can decrease the amount of time it takes for people with mild insomnia to fall asleep. Valerian root is also used to treat anxiety disorders and counteract stress. It has a sedative effect that helps to relax the central nervous system and provide a feeling of calmness. In addition to its use as a tranquilizer and sleep aid, many herbalists also recommend Valerian root as a remedy for tension headaches and muscular pain because of its ability to act as a muscle relaxant.


  • High density PET bottle ( Pharma Grade Polyethylene Terephthalate )
  • Child proof and Triangle Braille blind Cap dropper bottle
  • Shrink wrap tamper proof protection seal
  • Batch number and expiry date printed for quality control

E-Liquid Base

  • Pharma Grade Propylene Glycol ( PG ) – 40%
  • Pharma Grade Vegetable Glycerine ( VG ) – 40%

Flavor Ratio: 10%
Valerian Extract Ratio: 10%
Nicotine Free 0mg – ( 0% per bottle )

100% Traceable Top Grade Ingredients | Lab Tested Diacetyl (DA), Acetyl Propionyl (AP) & Vitamin E acetate Free

Compatible with all brands of: Vape Pods, E-Cigarettes, Vape Pens, Electronic Pipes, Electronic Cigars, RDA, RBA and MODs.



Question  Power of the Valerian Root

Answer: Valerian is a popular herb used by Greeks as a natural remedy for digestive problems since time immemorial. It is a versatile herb that can grow in the Americas, Europe, and Northern Asia. This effective herb was also used to treat nervous system disorders and sleep problems.

Valerian root mixed with other beneficial components such as Sage. The result is a powerful and healthy Valerian Root E-liquid that can help and satisfy many vapers for years.

Question  A Healthy Revolution

Answer: Since smoking is very hard to let go, vaping became a good modern solution. As you vape e-liquids, you are only inhaling and exhaling vapor—not real smoke. The vapor can contain mild nicotine essence, depending on your preference. Valerian Root E-liquid is a totally different vape variant due to its remedial effect.

With the Valerian Root vape liquid, you can now satisfy your craving, deal with your sleep problem, and take care of your health—all at the same time! Traditional cigarettes can never give you such great benefits.

Question  Is it approved by FDA?

Answer: Valerian’s is used as treatment for anxiety, insomnia and a muscle relaxant. It is sold as a dietary supplement and not subject to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.

Question  Is there any side effects of valerian root?

Answer: Valerian is considered safe and side effects are rare. Valerian should not be taken in combination with other sedatives. Valerian can be considered a good herbal choice for treating mild insomnia.

Question  What is recommended dosage of valerian?

Answer: Take no more then 25-30 puffs within 1 hour of bedtime or when stressed.

Question  Can I use ePuffer valerian e-liquid with my electronic cigarette model?

Answer: ePuffer e-liquid is compatible with all brands of electronic cigarettes, Pipes and Cigars.

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