Posted Mar 18, 2016 By Paul Kemp:


Another state legislature (New Hampshire) voted to let kratom stay legal, thanks to the efforts of many citizens who told legislators the truth about this amazing herb.

Please Note: This victory is not final until the NH legislative session is over. Some legislator there could still slip a kratom ban into another bill. We must stay vigilant!

New Hampshire is one of the many states suffering a major heroin and prescription drug addiction problem, with people overdosing left and right. They will benefit when the truth about kratom leaks out into the population that kratom is a safe pain-reliever and more importantly, a gentle way to break the bonds of addiction for those who truly want to end that habit.

Kratom, as we’re seeing daily, is useful for treating the pain, while raising the spirits and energy-level of those suffering so many diseases that it may seem incredible. When cynical drug warriors hear this, they may think “This is the latest drug craze to hit America,” so they want to ban kratom.

As it was with cannabis, the truth is entirely different than what the DEA and FDA keep repeating in their mostly baseless and disproven warnings about kratom. They continue to repeat that kratom causes “respiratory depression”, even though doctors who have reviewed all the studies done on kratom over 200 years have shown this doesn’t occur. (This is a key point — a matter of life or death — and the DEA/FDA still get it wrong!)

The truth is that the legally prescribed drugs your doctor gives you for pain will kill you if you take too much, but kratom won’t. That is an amazing quality that should be celebrated, not banned.

It is also hard to believe that an herb that can replace oxycodone, methadone, or even heroin, would not have similar mind-dulling effects, but that is another part of the wonderful truth that needs to be recognized, not demonized.

In any event, the legislators of New Hampshire listened to the many people who told them what kratom actually does to help them and they saw the benefit of making kratom legally available to those 18 and older. This is another victory of truth over falsehoods — and proof that our governments at the state level “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, still work. Congratulations to Florida and New Hampshire for keeping kratom legal for their adult citizens!

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