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Dear John,

As we hope you’ve heard by now, the Federal Kratom Consumer Protection has been filed and advocacy activity is underway. We need widespread congressional support for the bills, so you can make the difference in getting Senators and Representatives to support and cosponsor the bills.

How to help

Take a few minutes to Contact Your Congressional Representatives today and share your story! 

Use the link below and follow the easy steps to call and email your officials. 

The AKA legislative team is working hard to get support in Congress, but having constituents call and email Congressional Offices makes the difference. Remember, these elected officials depend on people like you for getting reelected, so contact them and let them know this issue matters to you and millions more!

Breakdown of what to do:

  • Go to
  • Use the form to call and email the Congressional Offices. Calling AND emailing is best, but if nothing else, please use the second form on the page to email
  • When you call, ask for a meeting with the office so you can directly share your story and request the Senator or Representative consider cosponsoring the Bill
  • Once you’ve scheduled a meeting, please let us know here
Contact Congress

Those are the exact words of a Wisconsin Sheriff testifying against making kratom legal and protecting consumers. He stated he has never heard any citizen ask for kratom consumer protection!

Many people in powerful places think that the new Federal Kratom Consumer Protection Act, and all the state acts, shouldn’t pass because too few or “not the right” people want safe kratom available for American citizens.

We are the citizens asking for consumer protection, safe natural products, and for the FDA to do their real responsibilities and stop hiding behind a 2016 mentality and failed public policies. We must be heard!

You can create the change and “ASK FOR THIS” to prove arrogant officials wrong! Send your story and donate today.

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