Dear Kratom Protectors,

Even after our great successes in 2021 with the WHO decision victory, 2022 is starting with fresh attacks on kratom consumers! 

A bill to ban kratom was filed in Kentucky on January 4.

Then another ban kratom bill in the State of Washington on January 11.

Bans in local counties and cities are increasing.

Yesterday, in a Senate committee hearing, it was disclosed that leaders at the National Institute of Health (NIH) decided to go on the attack against reputable scientists who disagreed with them on a COVID-19 virus issue.

The NIH Director told government officials that they had to “take down” the scientists they disagreed with. And then the NIH went on a public attack on those scientists who simply disagreed with them.

The same is happening with kratom.

Give Today! 
An online news organization is printing attacks on the kratom advocates, the scientists who do research on kratom, our allies, and the AKA — all by a journalist who claims his nephew died of a kratom overdose. Every death is tragic, but there are times when assumptions based on misinformation or outdated science need to be reevaluated.

Nonetheless, the attacks are vicious.

The attacks are full of distortions, misleading information, and in some case information that is just plain wrong and all designed to divide the kratom community and stop our successes.

We need you help more than ever to fight back.

We have to get the truth about kratom in front of Kentucky and Washington State legislators — and county officials in Mississippi, Florida, California, and more.

We cannot do it without your help.

Please be as generous as you can.

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Wisconsin Update

The Wisconsin House State Affairs Committee voted 9-2 earlier this month to replace the current kratom ban in Wisconsin with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (Assembly Bill 599). This is a very important step in correcting the mistake made when Wisconsin policy makers believed the FDA’s anti-kratom attacks.

We will need your support to contact the Wisconsin House members when AB 599 is up for a vote (and Senate members after that vote). As soon as we know the schedule for that vote we will send an Action Alert to ask for your help.

Thanks to every kratom advocate for your support in helping us get to this historic point. We need Wisconsin to be the first of the six states who were misled by the FDA in their kratom bans.


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