SalsaDear Kratom Protectors,The AKA legislative team needs your help in a number of states, especially Mississippi and Hawaii. We’ve made good progress in Kentucky and Washington State to stop their ban bills, and will keep you updated as anything develops. The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is making progress in a number of states, but we need to stop bans because any new bans can disrupt progress to overturn old bans and pass KCPA bills.


Click for Mississippi

Mississippi passed a ban bill in their House of Representatives, and we’re working hard to stop it in the Senate before it becomes a full ban. However we need your help by contacting Mississippi Senators.
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Click for Hawaii

Hawaii has introduced the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, and you can help it get passed. We need to contact House and Senate Leadership there to tell them why protecting kratom matters so much. 
Click the link above to go to and complete the contact form to tell your story.  
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