Your voices are being heard. Thank you to those who took action and showed the world what it means to be Jersey Strong.

Because of your action, last night the New Jersey Senate was forced to suspend S2173 — a bill that attempts to abolish the state’s religious exemption — because it didn’t have enough votes to pass the measure. This momentous victory follows an aggressive and highly targeted grassroots campaign that we implemented with Innovative Parenting New Jersey, prompting thousands of citizens to show up at the New Jersey State House on December 12 and again on December 16. Many of the advocates who descended on Trenton yesterday stood in the cold — and later freezing rain — with their families for nearly 12 hours to ensure their voices were heard. And they were.

The New Jersey campaign exemplifies the true power of the people when we stand together to protect our constitutional rights, human rights, and health freedom rights. In just two weeks’ time, nearly 82,000 emails were sent to New Jersey officials through the Stand for Health Freedom (SHF) advocacy portal! Additionally, more than 800 calls were made on the portal to Governor Phil Murphy and the full legislative body, with advocates sending nearly 500 tweets and 40 personal videos detailing how S2173 would negatively affect their families.

But the fight is certainly not over. Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney (D-3) has vowed to push this egregious legislation through the senate before the legislative session ends on January 14, 2020. As such, SHF needs advocates to stay vigilant and continue boots-on-the-ground action to keep the momentum strong.

With that said, please continue to reach out to your legislators, and share our latest campaign efforts with as many people as you can over the next four weeks so we can continue to grow our voting block. Together we will STAND strong to preserve religious rights and health freedom rights — for New Jersey and the rest of the country.