In Tennessee unfortunately there is another new kratom ban amendment on House Bill No. 2043 we need to work together to stop. This would criminalize kratom consumers in Tennessee, so please take time to contact the committee members considering the ban amendment and tell them to strip out Section 3.

Amendment No. 1 to HB2043. Curcio Signature of Sponsor

AMEND Senate Bill No. 1997 House Bill No. 2043*

SECTION 3. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-452(a)(3), is amended by

deleting the subdivision and substituting:
(3) It is an offense for a person to knowingly:

(A) Sell, or offer for sale, Kratom;
(B) Distribute, sell, or offer for sale, Kratom; or (C) Purchase or possess Kratom.



How to help:


  • Complete the email contact form on the Tennessee page (link below- )
    • When contacting officials, please share your personal experience with kratom. Remember to stress that banning kratom will make criminals out of thousands of Tennessee citizens
  • Call the legislators on the House Finance Committee and tell them not to support Amendment Section 3 that would criminalize kratom
  • If you know of any other Tennessee kratom protectors, please share this with them and invite them to contact officials! 

Contact Legislators