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Our Chance to Make History: Wisconsin Could be First State to Overturn a State Kratom Ban

The Wisconsin Assembly is considering Bill 599 to replace their state kratom ban with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This would mean so much to Wisconsin residents and set an immensely important precedent.

We need to call Wisconsin Representatives and tell them to support AB599 and the KCPA. If you live in Wisconsin use the link below to get the phone number and call today!

If you know someone who lives in Wisconsin please share the site with them and encourage them to call today!

Kratom opponents, including certain law enforcement groups, are spreading misinformation about kratom so we need to get our stories to them ASAP!

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The American Kratom Association Senior Fellow on Public Policy, Mac Haddow, and former New York State Senator David Carlucci spent two days working with members of the Kentucky Legislature to educate them on the value of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act as an alternative to the proposed Kratom Ban, HB 142, sponsored by Representative Josh Calloway.

“Representative Calloway was fair, willing to learn, and as committed as the AKA is in protecting consumers from dangerously adulterated kratom products,” Mac Haddow reported. “We have an agreement with Representative Calloway that he will work with the House Health Committee Chair and members of the Committee to examine how the KCPA can better serve the people of Kentucky than a complete ban on kratom.”

Former Senator Carlucci confirmed that there was not broad support for a kratom ban among the legislators they met with, and all were willing to look at the KCPA as the appropriate way to ensure kratom remains legal while protecting unsuspecting consumers from bad-actor kratom vendors who spike their products with dangerous drugs to spike sales.

Kentucky kratom advocates are encouraged to send a thank you message to Representative Calloway at [email protected]  and tell him how grateful we are for his willingness to consider supporting the KCPA in Kentucky.

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Mississippi passed a ban bill in their House of Representatives, and we’re working hard to stop it in the Senate before it becomes a full ban. However we need your help by contacting Mississippi Senators.

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Scientists Advocate for KCPA in Florida

Read the latest op-ed by Dr. Chris McCurdy and Dr. Oliver Grundmann of the University of Florida on how the Kratom Consumer Protection Act will add much needed regulation to the marketplace

The AKA team is working hard in Florida and hopes to see the KCPA passed this session! 


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