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Despite what the FDA says about kratom, there has been an organic, natural study conducted in the south eastern Asian regions where kratom trees are native. The native people of that area have used kratom safely for 1000’s of years.. Yes, I said THOUSANDS. Kratom is Safe & Effective for various ailments from pain, to anxiety, depression, PTSD and much more. Please tell the FDA to tell the TRUTH about kratom. There seems to be an agenda in the FDA to support synthetic BIG PHARMA drugs and move humanity away from natural remedies that actually work. Let’s all get back to nature, as Mother Earth has intended it to be. The earth contains everything humans need for food, medicine, shelter, etc. Kratom should be on the top of the list, as this simple tree leaf has saved millions of people throughout the years and continues to do so to this day. The states that keep kratom banned are denying their people the right to treat themselves and loved ones the best way they see fit. In my opinion, this has become a Constitutional freedom issue that should be taken up by the high courts. Let’s FINALLY MAKE A STAND! If we join together and ALL sign this petition (in red below), we will make a HUGE statement and show the FDA the support kratom has among our communities. If you stay quite, then YOUR freedoms will be taken away! SPEAK UP! Let yourself be heard and be a vessel of CHANGE. Enough is ENOUGH!




Fall legislative sessions are in full swing and the AKA has a lot going on to help protect kratom consumers. We have specific and time sensitive requests for everyone in Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin; but all kratom protectors can sign and share the petition to the FDA Commissioner.

Also, please attend advocacy certification training tonight, Tuesday October 4th if you missed earlier sessions. (If you can’t do tonight either, don’t despair, we’ll reach out with future times, but certificates and stickers for the initial batch of trainees will be distributed after tonight’s session.) 

Colorado: Attend the Virtual Focus Group

Colorado’s Department of Revenue Survey and Focus Group

Colorado is holding a focus group among kratom consumers and stakeholders via Zoom on October 6th at 3pm Mountain Time

We strongly encourage all Colorado kratom consumers and vendors to attend and complete a survey on kratom Colorado state government has put out.

Ohio Kratom Consumer Protection Act: Contact Senate Leadership

You can help pass the Kratom Consumer Protect Act in Ohio in under 5 minutes.

We need to ask Ohio Senate leadership to support House Bill 236, which already passed the House by a wide margin (83-10), and is pending in the Ohio Senate Health Committee. This will ensure kratom sold in Ohio is safe and pure, and prevent future kratom bans.

Go to today to add your story on why kratom consumer protection matters.

Missed the state advocacy certification sessions? Join us tonight!

Tuesday October 4th at 8:30pm est.

Click to register: Register to Join us Tuesday October 4th at 8:30pm est

Attention: State captains and district chairs

Please join us October 4th at 9pm est by registering here for a special session of advocacy assignments for upcoming kratom legislative actions.

Questions? Click to Contact Ryan ([email protected])

If you already attended a session, but haven’t already signed the form to complete the training and receive your certificate, please do so today!

Click Here

Also available on the same page are toolkit pages for you to download and review to be the most effective kratom protector you can be.

We need you to sign your name on the “FDA Tell the Truth Petition” that we will deliver to current FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf. We need Dr. Califf to know how the career staff at the FDA are thumbing their noses at the laws that require them to tell the truth about public health policy, and we need him to know that the FDA policy on kratom is WRONG!

Sign and share the “Sign the Petition” link below to add your voice to send a powerful message to Dr. Califf.

Contact Michigan’s Governor

We’re working hard on the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Michigan and need your support by contacting the Michigan Governor. Use the state contact form link below, and also call her office.

Please respond to this email to let us know once you’ve contacted her so we know how many messages they’ve received! 

The messaging to use:

-As a Michigan resident, kratom is important to me because…(personal story)
-Please support kratom consumer protection regulation because I want the kratom I purchase to be free from adulteration. Pure kratom has been shown by science to be safe and I encourage Michigan to protect consumers via the KCPA legislation

Wisconsin Action Needed

Contact Executive Director for the Controlled Substances Board Adam Barr. Share your story! 

We must remove the kratom ban in Wisconsin. This will help Wisconsin and all banned states.

You can help by sharing your personal kratom story with Wisconsin’s Controlled Substances Board Executive Director.

The CSB is conducting a review of kratom and your personal story of why kratom matters to you can make a huge difference in demonstrating why a ban and criminalization is wrong for Wisconsin. Easily add your personal story using the link below and then send your message.

Please be sure and ask others to email Mr. Barr with their personal story on why kratom matters to them. The contact form is available on

Why donate now? We need your help to pass consumer protection legislation and beat back potential ban attempts

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