LHS Black Label – Herbal Blend

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Now a CLASSIC – LHS Black Label Herbal Blend!!




Our signature Herbal Blend!

There is NO comparison when talking about LHS Black Label Herbal Blend.

Made from the Highest Quality, Smoothest Burning Herbals

 A Potency and Aroma that will NOT be matched!

This one was made with the Herbal Blend Connoisseurs in mind.

De-Stress, Take away your Anxiety and forget about the troubles of the day!

Skillfully hand crafted with only the highest quality medicinal herbs available, this product is all natural and works great!

Only the BEST was included to create this breakthrough product – LHS spared NO expense and it shows!

We are Proud to offer you our SIGNATURE Herbal Blend

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Weight 1 oz
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1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g, 56g, 112g

7 reviews for LHS Black Label – Herbal Blend

  1. ckaplin (verified owner)

    Quality product on the stronger side but not distracting. A must try for the experienced

  2. Music Man (verified owner)

    This one is nice. It hits fast and lasts. strong and sweet. I will try this one again.

  3. joshporch (verified owner)

    Smell is nice, product is exceptionally potent, which is actually why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. In the right doses, it’s great, but because I didn’t realize until after trying it that my daily Rhodiola and Kratom consumption would intensify the effects beyond where I wanted them to be, I had to carefully weigh out a tiny amount to stay at a comfortable dose. Wiped out my chronic back pain though! I’ll try taking it with no Kratom or reversible MAOI’s in my system to see how much of a difference those made. Haven’t tried with CBD flower yet but will try soon.

  4. Smokr (verified owner)

    Had to give it five stars. Sweet and potent. I mostly agree with the previous reviews. Quite strong, use with caution – the less jaded will easily find themselves knocked beyond their comfort zone. Judicious use results in a pleasant state that is easily maintained for long periods with small maintenance doses.
    When mixed it can punch-up less potent material considerably. Results of mixing depends entirely on the second compound. I’ve found a 50-50 mix with Enhanced Wormwood is quite pleasant.

  5. Saphyrro (verified owner)

    Black Label is the strongest of all blends (the others are almost as strong though). It’s my personal favorite along with the Lucid blend. I can attest it’s as strong as it ever was. Either the previous poster really got a bad batch or it could be a tolerance issue. 5 stars definitely.

  6. aaron393 (verified owner)

    Black Label, “Licorice Bubblegum:” A Great Proprietary Blend! Please keep up the good work LHS as we progress…2022 and Onwards…Happy New Year’s!

  7. Jack Ballenger (verified owner)

    Nice smoke. I was surprised the first hit I took. Stronger effects than some real bud I’ve had. Very nice. Tastes like maple syrup which is interesting

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