TreeTop Hemp Co HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) Cannabinoid Vape



These TreeTop Hemp Co HHC vapes are LARGER 1.5g tanks (510 thread) instead of the standard 1g carts. So, you get a full .5g more…That’s a lot more hits!

HHC is the new Cannabinoid Player in town. And One of MY personal favorites. A perfect balance of a head and body high that is is not overwhelming. It’s just right and gets you where you want to be! The terpenes in these are of high quality and really bring out the flavor of each strain respectively.

Taste and feel the difference with TreeTop Hemp Co!


  • LARGE 1.5G threaded vape cartridge
  • 1500mg HHC (Cannabinoids)
  • Available in 2 strains: Fruity Bebbles or King Louis (both hybrids)



Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Custom Option

King Louis 1.5g Cart