By Paul Kemp

For Whom Are the Laws Made?

One thing my father managed to teach me before he died when I was 15, was a huge respect for the genius shown by the founders of our nation. I remember a trip we made to Washington, DC when I was 12 or so and standing so close to the original Declaration of Independence in some museum, so close I could touch it and read it!

Many things have changed since that time, most of them not for the good of the people.

At the time of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington, their goal was to declare their human right of freedom from a concept that Kings had a divine (God-given) right to do whatever they pleased and it was their subjects’ duty to obey. Jefferson even predicted that “we the people” would need to do another revolution about every twenty years. Here’s why I think he was right — and we are way overdue. (A peaceful revolution, I hope, will do the trick this time.)

Over the 200+ years since we declared our independence from the King of England, anew kind of King has quietly taken over the lawmaking in our United States of America. The new kings are the powerful corporations who have so much money they can hire lobbyists, lawyers, and create think-tanks and buy news media that serve to keep us in line through a process of thought (and information) control.

Nowhere is this more evident and more destructive than in the corporations that influence how medical care — and even medical information — will be delivered to us.  No group of citizens know this better than those chronic pain sufferers who have received the best treatment our medical system has been permitted to offer — and found it seriously deficient.

To state it more plainly, “Pharmaceutical solutions for chronic pain patients SUCKS!”

I have written about why this is frequently, but to summarize it here, I’ll just say cures are known for most of the diseases we face, but you will need to either break the law and risk prosecution here — or go to other countries where the Pharma-King doesn’t make all the laws.

Even better than curing diseases is preventing them — and the Pharma-King won’t tell you how you can do this at home. They are a business and, if it doesn’t contribute to their bottomline profits, they don’t want us to hear about it.

If a medical doctor gets out of line, the Pharma-King can call on the FDA and the American Medical Association to crack down on them, often taking away their license to practice medicine and ruining their reputation through lawsuits and media lies, turning the public’s attention away from the fact that the doctor was successfully curing people. (The Cancer Industry is one great example of how this is done. The book, “Knockout” by Suzanne Somers documents this story very well.)

We, in the Kratom movement, also are experiencing this. We are the footsoldiers in a peaceful revolution to de-throne a new kind of King that has quietly taken control over the way medicine is allowed to be practiced and even talked about in the U.S.

For now, we are only being threatened with dire health consequences that we know in our bones are not true.

We have found an herb, Kratom — a leaf off a tree — is a better replacement for most of the pain pills, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, anti-diabetic, high blood-pressure medications that King Pharma has ruled is all we can legally be prescribed.

We have been trying to get off the only pain medications that can be prescribed, basically opioid’s, for many years with the approved “subs”, which are even more addictive than the original Hydrocodone/Percocet/Oxycodone/Morphine and it just trades one expensive, unsatisfying addiction for another.

The Pharma-King must have his tax money from us, to support his Kingly lifestyle, to defend his Kingdom!

It Must Be Great to Be King:

And yet, every day in the Facebook Kratom groups we hear of new people who are ending years of percocets with NO withdrawal and better pain relief, with no tolerance issues — thanks to this humble herb, Kratom!

This is a revolution. We have peeked behind the curtain, as in the classic movie, “The Wizard of Oz” and we have seen a pathetic little man moving the levers of power to proclaim himself King, but his remedies are leaving us sicker than before.

We have found a better way — Now, the question is, “Will we be allowed to continue disrespecting the Pharma-King?”.

Recently, the DEA confiscated 25,000 pounds of Kratom from a supplier in the Los Angeles area. The crime? Making medical claims on the Web site of the company that was marketing the herb.

Sorta like what I do here, except that I don’t sell Kratom. Attorneys with expertise in Constitutional law call this “prior restraint”. Essentially, we can’t say anything the King doesn’t approve through his functionaries at the FDA.

What’s the price tag on FDA reviewing Kratom (with no guarantee they will approve it)? $600,000,000! 600 Hundred Million Dollars.

(That’s an expensive bet to place on a game that is plainly rigged, don’t you think?)

One piece of good news is that somehow another herb has tentatively been allowed to be sold and used to treat diseases by doctors. Or federal government even owns one of the patents on a drug created from this other herb, cannabis. So, they are cool.

It has only taken — What? — 77 years and millions of people losing years of their lives working like slaves in the King’s dungeons, making auto license tags! And the “other side” is still fighting and grumbling about this new freedom that has been given back to the people of several states!

States are even passing laws to let marijuana be sold, mostly as a medicine (which it used to be in the USA, before King Pharma officially took over the USA as his Kingdom) and some are even allowing it for recreational use. OMG!

So this move to legalize cannabis/marijuana is a good sign that Kratom might be allowed to bypass the stupid period of about 70 years where people were thrown in jail (and still are in most states) for using another harmless weed.

Whose body is this, anyway? If I am not hurting anyone by my use of Kratom, why should the Pharma-King concern himself?

Well, we could go into a long conversation on this topic, but the short answer seems to be that we, the people of the USA have been sold to the Pharma-King — sold as a captive market of 300+ million serfs, who must by law and regulation only use the Pharma-King’s patented products. Sweet deal, eh?

And, with psychoactive substances like cannabis and Kratom, the King’s subjects might be tempted to kick back and think some “unapproved thoughts”, like “Why in the heck are we living like this?”

Seditious thoughts — and who knows what else about our lot in life might we begin to question?

I need to study and learn more about how the advocates of cannabis won the freedom back for people to use this herb medically with no FDA approval. Some “drugs” have been created, modeled after the chemical active ingredients in marijuana, but it is the whole herb in smoke-able form that most users want for its almost-instant pain relief — and this is being ignored by the federal DEA and FDA for the moment.

Of course, with the Republicans taking control of the federal tax-milking machine, the climate concerning medical & recreational marijuana could enter a new Ice Age beginning January, 2015.

Maybe the FDA will take a harder stance toward Kratom use and promotion, too. Who knows?

We are in a giant chess game, but we are not waiting to see what the King’s next move is. The Kratom industry is supporting the creation of a nonprofit to pursue legal recognition of the medical benefits that you and I experience every day.

You can see the Web site (under construction) at

For all the bad press and disinformation that has been spread by the Mass Media, which are partners with the Pharma-King, whose allegiance to the King is bought by his advertising money, our Kratom movement is growing by hundreds of new people a day.

Finally, those in pain groups on Facebook and elsewhere are willing to listen to the stories of others who got freedom from pain and addiction to King Pharma’s deadly recipes. This is exciting, but the battle is far from won.

Ours will be a much more important battle in the fight to unseat King Pharma from his throne. Cannabis has its uses and it deserves to be available to all who want it and need it, but Kratom has the potential to be much more widely accepted because it doesn’t have the psychological side-effects that cannabis has.

So, courageous doctors must be found to speak for us, medical research must be funded to prove what we know in our bones, and a media outreach must be supported to help the Kratom movement continue to grow, despite the lies of the bought-and-paid-for minions in the MSM(mainstream media).

We have a lot of work to do, to keep this herb legal and available to the snowballing numbers of former pain patients, the chronically depressed and anxious folks who have been put through the wringer by King Pharma to squeeze all the money out of their pockets before they quit this life in desperation.

We are citizens of the Land of the Free, aren’t we? Don’t you think it’s time to de-throne King Pharma — a cruel ruler who cares nothing at all about our health or our comfort.

Our lives and demise are merely “collateral damage” in the war effort devoted to keep King Pharma on his throne and keep us as loyal servants, working his fields, dreaming of distractions his media Barons present for our amusement.

“Oooooh, Christmas is coming, what can I buy to show all my friends and family how much I love them?