Given the medical brainwashing, propaganda, drug company bribes and all the other nonsense that goes on in conventional medicine today, it’s very difficult to find a group of physicians and clinicians who have any real understanding of healing. But I’ve found them! They all seem to be members of ACAM, the American College for Advancement in Medicine, found at

Over the last year, I’ve been intently listening to the advanced medicine lectures given by ACAM and provided as interactive training DVDs by DigiVision Media (, and I have to tell you this is the most valuable advanced medicine information available today.

ACAM practitioners, clinicians and lecturers have an absolute wealth of information on chelation therapies, heavy metals toxicity, Lyme disease, holistic psychiatric therapies, biotoxin illness (mold, yeast, etc.), electropollution, cellular energy production, vitamin therapies and much more. For me, listening to these lectures has been like opening a goldmine of knowledge which, for the most part, conventional medicine practitioners flat-out ignore (because they’re all addicted to the drug model of medicine).

I have no doubt that the future of medicine will be based on what ACAM lecturers are teaching today. I’ve learned a wealth of information from listening to these lectures, and I’ve incorporated much of this information into my own scientific research at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab (with breakthrough announcements coming January 7, 2014).

My favorite lectures

If you go to the DigiVision website, you’ll find a collection of ACAM lectures there.


My favorite so far is the ACAM 2010 Spring Full Conference Set.

I’m also listening right now to the Hollywood Florida Conference on Mitochondria, which is very, very good. The session on Lyme Disease provides breakthrough information on mysterious conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fragrance Sensitivity and much more.

All of these lectures are almost entirely unknown in the mainstream media, so you’ll never hear this advanced information discussed anywhere in the popular press. In fact, the information is quite technical, so even translating it into layman’s terms is a bit tricky.

If you want a taste of what this is all about, one of my favorite lecturers is Dr. Russell Jaffe, an absolutely brilliant researcher and former NIH program director.

Listen to Jaffe discuss safe detox methods in this YouTube video.

Also check out the ACAM YouTube channel.

What is ACAM about? It’s about what works!

What’s so refreshing about ACAM is that it’s an integrative medicine organization whose members cover the full range of clinical / medical / theoretical expertise. ACAM members will use IV nutritional therapies, chelation therapies, selected pharmaceuticals, oral supplementation, vibrational medicine modalities, mind-body medicine and much more. They aren’t dogmatically limited to just one or two modalities like most conventional doctors are.

Compared to regular doctors who only study drugs and surgery in medical school, ACAM practitioners are, in my view, at least two decades ahead in medical technology. They have transcended the drugs-and-surgery paradigm, yet they are comfortable using selected drugs when appropriate.

Hence, ACAM is truly integrative. It’s also based on what works. ACAM clinicians have extraordinary levels of experience working on literally millions of patients (collectively), and they have truly astonishing levels of knowledge about what works in actual practice, not what some bogus drug company advertisement claims might work.

In fact, I would say that if you are suffering from any health condition that your regular doctor has given up on, and you’ve spent a small fortune seeing multiple physicians, all of whom seem to have no real clue what’s going on with you, find an ACAM clinician and go see them. They routinely get the toughest cases because they are damn good at resolving them!

To find an ACAM member, simply go to and right on the home page after scrolling down, you’ll find a section that says, “Locate an ACAM Physician” where you enter your zip code. You’ll get a list of ACAM physicians in your area.

You can also call 800-532-3688 during regular business hours.

For the record, this is not a paid endorsement. Unlike WebMD which pocketed millions in taxpayer money to push Obamacare propaganda, here at Natural News, we don’t take money from organizations to write about them. I’m recommending ACAM because that’s where I would advise my own family members to go if they needed high-quality advanced medicine and diagnosis services.

ACAM isn’t even aware of the fact that I’m writing this article or recommending their physicians.

Pick up ACAM event archives from DigiVision Media

If you’re like me and don’t travel much, you’ll probably want to pick up some of the lectures from DigiVision Media.

Please keep in mind that these are lectures for PRACTITIONERS, not the general public. So they are quite technical in many ways. But I’ve found them invaluable, and I think any member of the public who listens to these lectures would learn an enormous amount of information, even if they don’t follow all the technical jargon.

The website for Digivision Media is:


They also have courses from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and even the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs which covers a wealth of information on autism causes and treatments.

Why ACAM gives me hope for the future of medicine

I personally want to thank ACAM for standing up and being willing to teach the truth about medicine, detoxification, chelation therapy and healing. As every ACAM member will attest, real medicine exists today in an environment of outrageous suppression, intimidation and outright censorship by state medical boards.

Despite the monopolistic, oppressive regime of conventional medicine, ACAM members have stood up, told the truth, and helped millions of patients heal.

And that’s what medicine is ultimately supposed to be about. Somewhere along the line, conventional medicine forgot about that and resorted to the paradigm of PROFIT. But profit is a lousy paradigm for healing, because often what heals is not what makes the most money. ACAM practitioners are focused on what heals, not what earns them the biggest bucks.

The ACAM model of medicine could save America from medical bankruptcy

That’s why hearing these lectures gives me real hope for the future of medicine. If ACAM could become the nationwide standard of care for America (and other nations), we might have a real shot at a sustainable, prevention-based national health care system that could be affordable, effective and safe.

In fact, I dare say that unless we embrace the paradigm of healing taught by ACAM, no health care system will ever work because it’s never affordable to keep treating the symptoms of chronic degenerative disease. That’s also why Obamacare will fail even if it works: because it’s the wrong paradigm. You can’t have an “affordable” health care system unless you focus on the causes of health vs. disease.

For example, if someone is poisoned with too much copper, and they are exhibiting symptoms of copper toxicity, a conventional doctor will simply slap them with a prescription for psychiatric drugs or synthetic hormones. But an ACAM doc will run the tests, detect the high copper in the bloodstream, hair or other tissues, and begin a mild, sustained chelation therapy (either oral or IV) to safely eliminate the copper, thereby eliminating the symptoms of copper toxicity. (Extra zinc intake is one of the simple methods to eliminate copper toxicity, but the very first rule is to find the source of exposure and eliminate that right off the bat. Every ACAM physician knows this already.)