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Amanita muscaria, also known as fly agaric, fly Amanita, bug Agaric, Amanite Tue-Mouches, Fausse Oronge, Matamoscas and Soma, and is a psychoactive mushroom which is found growing widely in the temperate and boreal regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Although un-related to other psychoactive fungi such as the Psilocybe species it has also been used in shamanic cultures to connect with the spirit world. The main psychoactive compound in this mushroom is muscimol, and its effects are different to those of psilocybin-containing mushrooms.


  • It was used as an intoxicant and entheogen by the peoples of Siberia and has a religious significance in these cultures.
  • It plays a very important role in their everyday and spiritual lives of the native tribe’s people of Siberia.
  • Native people of Siberia supposedly fed reindeer Amanita muscaria and drank their urine to enter other worldly realms.
  • Large amounts of fly agaric can lead to a sense of unreality.


Traditional uses and benefits of Fly Agaric

  • A fly agaric dilution was utilized for problems with the female menopause as well as subduing over-excitability, bladder and intestinal cramps of the human body.
  • It is used as a treatment for sore throats, and arthritis, and as an analgesic.
  • Mushroom tincture helps to relieve sciatica and other pain, including joint pain and swollen lymph nodes.
  • Tincture can also be applied to external infections, for example nail fungus, and skin conditions found in Lyme disease.
  • Drops can be applied under the tongue to improve cognition in the short term.


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2 reviews for Amanita Muscaria 25x Extract Powder!

  1. Hudson Valle (verified owner)

    I was very happy with my product

  2. Hudson Valle (verified owner)

    I was very happy with my product thank you

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