Enhanced Super Green Hulu Kapuas Nano Kratom Powder

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Kapuas Hulu-Nano-Kratom



Enhanced Green Hulu

You’ve found a GEM!

LHS has just secured an exclusive deal with producers of this powerful, long lasting & effective Hulu strain. That’s right…you will ONLY find this here at LHS!

This is kratom sustainably harvested from the Kapuas Hulu regions of Indonesia. This particular exclusive variety is a nano powder and slightly enhanced with a kratom extract to boost it’s mitragynine content to a WHOPPING 2%! Whereas most plain leaf powders test at 1 – 1.5%. It is up to DOUBLE the potency of other kratom strains! A little less is needed. Hence, saving you your stash and making it last longer.

What is nano powder and how is it different than other powders?

***The leaves are milled by a special machine and process to make the powder ultra fine. The particles of the powder are smaller than any other powders which makes it ideal for your body to absorb more of the active alkaloids. Hence making it more active & effective. Green Hulu Kapuas Nano Kratom powder has earned a reputation for delivering pronounced benefits that outlast many other strains in the same vein category.




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1 review for Enhanced Super Green Hulu Kapuas Nano Kratom Powder

  1. That Dude

    So, i finally decided to try this and glad i did. I’m a fan of greens in general. Not as good as the Kali, but damn close! It is slightly enhanced with extract to give it a little bump in potency. They got the ratio just right with it too.

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