TreeTop Hemp Delta 8 & Delta 10 Disposable Vapes




Treetop Hemp offers a premium mix of delta 8 THC and delta 10 THC into a disposable vape.

Their focus on quality and consistency helped TreeTop Hemp establish itself as a trusted manufacturer of Delta 8 THC products such as Delta 8 disposables. TreeTop Hemp’s dedication to offering innovative products that are safe, convenient, and effective has enabled them to introduce Delta 10 disposables.

These ready-to-use disposables are very convenient to use. By just holding your Delta 10 disposable in your hand, you can start enjoying your vape without any hassle of pre-charging and filling your vape.

TreeTop Hemp blends a mixture of Delta 8 and Delta 10 with their specialty terpenes to ensure you get the best effects and mouthwatering flavor with each puff.

Their Delta 10 disposables come in five flavors that appeal to the varying preferences of different users.

Flavor profiles

  • Triple OG
  • Super Sour Diesel
  • Sour Apple Monster
  • Blueberry Cookies


Triple OG

A unique flavor profile of tangy lemon citrus and grassy herbs, notably resembling “lemongrass.” Triple OG is the child of Donkey Butter Indica strain and 4 Kings hybrid strain and is sure to find its way to the top of your favorites list.

Super Sour Diesel

Super Sour Diesel offers a blend of tangy citrus and spicy herbs along with hints of sweet, refreshing pine. A Sativa strain crossed with Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel is for those looking for flavorful citrus notes finishing with deep herbal complexity.

Sour Apple Monster

A predominately fruity palette, just like the name suggests Sour Apples give sweet and sour citrus notes. Undertones of earthiness will be sure to provide a complex flavor mixture you’ll be sure to love.

Blueberry Cookies

Blueberry Cookies offer a unique flavor consisting of roasted nuts, mint, and fresh blueberries. The nose provides an earthier, berry-forward aroma.

Skywalker OG

It is the newest addition to the Delta 10 lineup by TreeTop Hemp. The users who prefer something new and unique must give it a try.


Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Custom Option

Super Sour Diesel, Bluebery Cookies, Sour Apple Monster, Triple OG


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